We specialize in designing and manufacturing identification products for industry, aerospace, and the military markets. Every nameplate and label are made to your exact specifications, and we do everything in-house.

We offer a full selection of materials: Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Brass | Lexan | Polyester/Vinyl
Along with these services: Etching | Silkscreening | Embossing | Serialization/Barcode/UID

Note:  Northern California Client Support
Toroidal Magnetics (Chokes, Inductors and Transformers)

Talema International Group is a world leader in the manufacture of toroidal transformers, chokes and inductors; 75% of Talema's output are custom designed to our clients specifications.  A comprehensive range of standard devices is also available through Digi-Key

The company strong technical expertise has contributed to the company growth to over 800 global employees in manufacturing locations in the Czech Republic and India and engineering locations in Ireland and Germany.
With state of the art manufacturing facilities, well qualified technical and engineering expertise and a highly skilled work force, Talema is positioned to provide an optimum trade off between pricing and delivery considerations.

The manufacturing facilities are structured to offer quick delivery of highly specialized, custom transformers which are designed and approved for markets such as automotive and industrial EV chargers, professional audio, medical, security and instrumentation.  The Czech
Republic facility offers cost effective production for both high and low volume orders while the Indian operation specializes in the production of our wide range of magnetic components.
Eagle Technical Products - Linecard
Power Supplies
Designer and manufacturer of power conversion products:

  • DCDC converters - 1 to 750 watts
  • AC adapters -  Level VI AC adapters from 5W to 150W
  • Open Frame ACDC power supplies from 5W to 1600W.                                                                                                      Click here for LATEST Cincon News                        
  • LED Drivers

Cincon offers modified, custom power solutions and assemblies.     

Franchise Distribution includes: PIK Power,  PUI,  SMD, Inc.,  Power-Plus,  Mouser Electronics,  Sager Electronics, URS

LED Drivers
Cincon's LED drivers and DALI controllers give you the ability to tailor your lighting system to exacting requirements.  Whether your requirements are targeted towards simplified design, energy management, scene change flexibility, ease of maintenance or all these
applications, Cincon provides the high quality lighting products you require.
Engineers light into sensitive applications that need light without heat, electricity or electromagnetic interference, delivering it efficiently and cost effectively where it’s needed, using unique, proprietary designs that solve customer problems.
Applications include  
Electronics Backlighting.
Medical Phototherapy and Surgical
Specialty Lighting Applications.
Manufacture of custom Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) and foil Heaters

Market applications include government, military, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, industrial, medical, and telecommunications.

The products offered include Multi-layer, Maxi-Flex®, Rigid flex, and Heater Circuits. All Flex is a medium to high volume manufacturer also providing value added services like surface mount and through hole
assembly, testing, design and engineering support.
Membrane Switch Assemblies
Manufacture of Custom Membrane Switch assemblies and positioned to serve the low to mid-volume OEM manufacture.

Telamco is certified as a Women Owned Enterprise and as a Women Owned Small Business through the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWOBC),
Clad Flat Fiber™  Light Guide Film
Line of Light  
IDS is A display solution provider with a strong network of display technologies and distribution logistics to accommodate our client's display demands.

The product lineup covers STN, TFT, AMOLED, Open Frame and all display related peripherals. IDS is a one-stop shop to take care of all your demands in LCD displays.

The California service center delivers quality display modification and services with view-ability enhancement, optical bonding of endurance cover glass and touch panels.  We also provide interface kit assembly and All-in-One panel CPU systems.  

IDS serves the aviation, marine, military, medical and industrial markets.    
Manufacture of custom function able Printed Electronics; positioned to serve the mid to high-volume OEM manufacture serving the Appliance, Consumer, Industrial Control, Medical Equipment, Food Equipment.

Products include:  Membrane Switches, Capacitive Touch Sensors and Specialty Circuitry
Founded in 1983, Ci Design has evolved from a designer and manufacturer of computer peripherals to a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of custom, high-density solutions for OEM & ODM, custom enclosures and PCB backplanes, data
storage, and integrated accessories.

Through this extensive experience, we have built a powerful reputation for some of the most dependable, high-performance storage and server solutions in the IT industry.
 Ci Designs is in the research, development, and manufacturing of custom, high-density solutions for
OEM & ODM, custom enclosures and PCB backplanes, data storage, and integrated accessories.  The OEM and ODM portfolio includes custom Bezels, Communication, Medical, Military, Sever and Storage chassis.